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All you need to know about home elevators  

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Home elevators are considered a basic component for some houses nowadays, and they no longer relevant to luxury villas only. However, getting a lift is not cheap, unlike other home accessories. Home elevators come with a somewhat complicated cost of construction, which may include interior fixing or switching of electrical wiring and sanitary pipes.

The costs associated with home elevators
If you consider purchasing a lift at a low price, there are additional costs that you must include in your budget. From the beginning of installing the elevator process, which requires adjustments in the structure of the house at a cost of tens of thousands, to the interior accessories such as the designs of doors, entrance, floor, ceiling and lighting of course. This may increase your bill, but home elevators play a role in increasing the value of your property by almost 10%.

Additional amounts allocated
The home elevator’s costs include the cost of installation, in addition to the type of elevator and complementary accessories, as they are distributed as follows:
The cost of installing the elevator: The average charge of installing elevators can range between 90 and 140 thousand Dirhams
Electric and hydraulic elevators' prices range between 90 and 140 thousand Dirhams.
Industrial elevator's prices range between 50 and 129 thousand Dirhams.
Home elevator's prices range between 120 and 150 thousand Dirhams.
The elevators of buildings, that range from 5 floors to 13 floors, have a price range between 115 and 150 thousand Dirhams

The necessary installation requirements
The presence of a wide range of home elevators offers a wide range of prices and installation methods. In addition to having attractive and useful technological options, you need to search and strive to find the most appropriate one.
The requirements for installing a home elevator also vary if your home is in the construction phase, or you wanted to modify it. Some types of elevators may need their own space.

Maintain your elevator’s holdings
Regular maintenance by professional workers, helps in avoiding sudden breakdowns. But even so, it is necessary to inquire about operating procedures for minor emergencies.

Frequently asked questions about home elevators
- What are the prices of home elevators?
The cost estimates relate to several factors, such as the required lift size and the number of floors. Of course, though, you will not be able to get accurate estimates.
- Can insurance or social security guarantee the installation of a home elevator?
Since home elevators are not a necessity for medical treatment, but rather a means of comfort, they are not one of the health institutions services. However, some charities may be able to help disabled or elderly people, pursuant to their health.
How fast and safe the home elevator is?
The average speed of household elevators can reach 1 meter per second, and the elevators are manufactured according to international safety and security standards, for a satisfactory and sound experience.
- What is the difference between home and commercial elevators?
Residential and commercial elevators vary in size and weight, but are similar in terms of safety.

As a result, you need to set your budget, and benefit from maintenance offers. If a member of your family needs an easier method to climb stairs, home elevators are the best solution. With many options for designs and cost, finding the best elevator is even easier.

What you need to know about electronic elevators
First: Requirements
First of all, the installation of this type of elevator requires the presence of pre-fittings, also, it is not necessary to have a room for the engine, but it is important for elevators to have a hole in the ground of not less than 1 meter, in addition to a sufficient height on the last floor of not less than 3.25 meters and an adequate space. Thus, you should early inform the architect of your desire to install an electric elevator. Then, the elevator company cooperates to present a design, which fits the construction plan.
It also needs to be supplied by multiple sources of electrical energy, as it needs 3 sources, one of which is separate from the facility. In addition, you should calculate the approximate number of cabin passengers, to consider the weight of the load and the design. Suitable space must be provided to open the elevator doors on the required floors as well.
Second: Components
The electric elevator consists of a powerful motor, steel ropes and counterweights, and rails running the elevator. In the elevator compartment, there is a control panel that contains the floor buttons and the emergency bell, as it connects the elevator to the external control room. To help the elevator stop, there are brakes and floor fenders in the ground hole. The elevator has two doors, one is interior fixed in the cabin and the other is fixed exterior on each floor.
Third: Advantages
Electric lifts are available in a variety of options, and their cost is lower than other types of elevators. Therefore, it is widely used and widely available.
Fourth: Disadvantages
You may need strict maintenance and monitoring, especially as it may make loud noises and generate disturbing vibrations. They are also difficult to add after construction because they require a pit and an engine room.
The cost of elevators does not vary, whether they are electric or hydraulic, but the price increases as the elevator benefits from interior trims, glass doors and engine type (Italian or Turkish).

What you need to know about home lifts
First: Requirements
Like electric lifts, it needs a hole in the ground, but less deep.
Second: Advantages
The hole needed does not exceed 20 cm, and it does not need an engine room. In addition, it is characterized by stillness, fewer vibration, and less disturbance.
Fourth: Disadvantages
These elevators are considered rather slow, and they require regular monthly maintenance for hydraulic leaks. It is worth mentioning, its high price compared to other elevators.

Types of home elevators
There are five main types of home elevators, varying with operating systems and expenses. Cable lifts are the most expensive, while the airlifts are the least expensive. As for the rest of the types, such as traction elevators without engine room, hydraulic elevators, and chain elevators, they fall within the medium range.
These styles have different designs and sizes, to suit the desired load for transportation and suit your home design.

Home elevator operating systems
Each type of home elevator has its own system, for example, cable elevators operate complexly. This type of elevator requires a shaft and control system, as well as weights and an engine room. It is mostly used in bulky buildings because it needs a wider space, and because of its requirements, it is better to install it at construction time.
The chain lifts may resemble the previous one, but are more durable and face less breakdowns. It doesn't take much space because it doesn't need an engine room, which is a good feature.
As for traction lifts, they move through weights and do not require a pit or room. But due to its components, it requires additional top space.
Hydraulic lifts have piston with high pressure inside the cylinder system, do not occupy an engine room, and only need a small control panel.
The high cost of airlifts comes with features, as they do not require a hole or room and use a vacuum system, it is simpler and can be added to your home easily.

Atlas advice
After familiarizing yourself with the different elevator models, you should fix your budget, according to your needs and the size of your home.
There is no harm in trying a similar elevator to test it.
Do not sell your multi-story house because of the difficulty in using the stairs, so as not to disturb your family. Our elevators cover all your demands and provide comfort to the residents and the elderly.

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