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What does the future of elevators have for us?  Price  ( 1 AED ) 

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What does the future of elevators have for us?
There is no doubt that the elevators have made great progress in the field of development, and opened the way for building skyscrapers. Since evolution knows no boundaries, future perceptions of elevators remain promising. There are several theories and plans for panoramic elevators and others, some of which we will mention.

Lifts ... between the past and the present
The elevators have been around for more than 150 years, and although the purpose of the elevators has not changed, the way they operate definitely has changed.
The lifts were previously with hollow doors, running slowly. It also carried the same design and was characterized by a large size and cage. It cannot be denied that safety measures were rather weak.
Now, with the advancement of technology, it has become smoother and safer. It gives passengers a short but enjoyable experience, with attractive accessories and designs.

Future view for elevators
Tomorrow looks promising for the elevator, with modern designs and distinctive additions. As the plans diversified and new uses were created, which helped in developing the buildings. The ideas that currently exist are horizontal elevators, which seem a little strange, digital elevator with their remarkable services, and energy-saving magnetic elevators.

Horizontal elevators
Some may question the benefits of horizontal lifts, but it will be a quick way to move between buildings or around the city. It will also take less space and increase the capacity of the elevator. Thus, we will change the traditional movement of elevators, and the typical use of it. This benefit will be reflected on waiting times, and it will reduce traffic.

Digital elevators
Slowly, the digital age dominated our lifestyle, with its attractive form and services. It had to be implemented as an effective tool in the elevators, as there may be a need for a black box, as in aircraft, to record what is happening in the cabin of the elevator. This is due to the increased need for some buildings for safety and protection. One of the next innovations is the digital walls, where the lifts will contain visual screens to display advertisements or entertainment programs. This will help in establishing new business areas, and will also cover the strange silence among passengers.

Magnetic elevators
The world is moving towards finding sustainable energy sources, in order to protect the environment. This led the elevator designers to submit ideas that include eliminating the huge pulleys and motors, the most important of which is the use of magnetic energy. Absolutely, the magnetic lifts will change the way we travel, as it is faster. In addition to its portability, vertical and horizontal, and energy saving.

The sky is the limit
Some see the elevators as a way to travel into space, perhaps not in the near future. But over the next few decades, the technology behind the elevators is expected to grow dramatically and become more advanced. However, even as technology changes, one thing that will not change is the importance of elevator maintenance, something that Atlas elevators have always attached the highest priority to.

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